Block The Hate

A list of tools and block lists to make Twitter a nicer place to be.

In this house we are: pro-ship, pro-kink, pro-science, LGBTQ+ inclusive, anti-harassment, anti-racist, and anti-fascist.

Last Updated March 16, 2021

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Bot Detectors

Blocking Tools

The Block Bot - Block Together replacement; however, the ability to share lists is limited to a few dedicated accounts (see Block Lists section). If you have the technical ability, the code is available to host your own instance.
Block Party App - Haven't tried myself but may be worth knowing about for someone struggling; currently has a waitlist or paid access (one-time $8).

Chrome Extensions
Please be aware that your mileage may vary when using these extensions. One of those things that work great for some but not for others.
Twitter Block Chain
Red Block

Block Lists

These block lists use The Block Bot to auto block users based on the moderator's chosen theme. As always, mistakes can occur, so you may still have to vet blocked individuals as you encounter them.

Ableism Blocklist
Alt-Furry Blocker - Blocks alt-right in the furry community.
Anti-Polyamory Blocklist
Brexit Blocker - Blocks "trolls, bots, racists, covidiots [covid conspiratists/antivaxxers], and bigots".
ExclusBlocker - Blocks T- B- SW- ERFs, gatekeepers, & more.
Tattletale's Aphobe Blocklist
TERF Blocker

Outdated Lists
Fandom Police Blocklist
Science Shield
Harassment Block List
TERF Block List